Friday, October 8, 2010

I watched Dead Poets Society yesterday, very strong movie. What stroke me most in that movie was the very unusual mind of Prof. Keating, who opens ups a completely new perspective of world for young people. But as many good things, Keating's experiment doesnt last for too long. The tragedy of one of the boys forces the school to reconsider Keating's position as a teacher. A man with dreams to share is considered as a threat for the normal, orderly life of Welton Academy.

It seems like as human societies mature this tendency becomes part of our so-called reality. We feel threatened by new looks and fresh approaches to the same reality. It is being considered childish and immature, people are ashamed of their dreams, including talking about them.

Dreams are not true neither in our rhetoric. They can become "true" only when they become "real".

It is an interplay of our mind and language which made this causality relevant today.

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