Monday, May 18, 2009

eurovision does not really help conflict settlement obviously

YEREVAN/18.05.09/TURAN: Armenia’s Public TV (ATV) appealed to the organizing committee of "Eurovision -2009" against illegal actions of Azerbaijani representatives of the competition, Armenian internet portal reported. Referring to some internet-users the site stated that during broadcast of the Eurovision -2009 in Baku part of the screen showing telephone number was closed So, Azerbaijanis could not vote for the song from Armenia, and therefore Azerbaijan could not give even a point to Armenia, Armenian Public TV stated.
Commenting on these accusations the representative of Azerbaijan’s ITV who did not want to mention himself , v called the accusations “ ridiculous.”
"There was one number of sms- voting - 9450. The list of the countries-participants was shown several times on full screen, and it is impossible to conceal the number. Even if it happens, it would mean that nobody in Azerbaijan voted.


  1. Well, the ITV representative may be right that there was no technical impediment to voting for Armenia (I didn't try), but I did spot a notable difference in the content of the bar at the bottom of the screen where the name and numbers of each country were shown when Armenia came up.

  2. ITV made a statement today - 43 people voted for Armenia :)